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Brothers of the Middle Western Province:

Greetings on behalf of the Middle Western Province Leadership Team. Our Province Council will soon be upon us, and then it will be time to handle our Fraternity’s Business in a Spirit of Brotherhood.

This year the Middle Western Province will hold a joint Province Council along with the North Central Province. And it could not come at a better time! What better time could more than 600 Kappa Men descend on St. Louis, MO (in the backyard of Ferguson), and not only discuss the direction of Kappa Alpha Psi but also discuss how we can impact and effect change of some of the perversive issues plaguing our own communities. This joint Province Council will be good for the Middle Western and North Central Province. It will be good for the Brothers. It will be good for Kappa. It will be good for St. Louis. It will be good for our community.

I look forward to taking this positive energy from this joint Province Council into the City of New Orleans for the 82nd Grand Chapter Meeting. I hope you have already registered and if not to do so immediately.

Under the leadership of our 32nd Grand Polemarch William Randy Bates, Esq., let’s continue to live the tenants of our great fraternity and continue to build Kappa. The 32nd administration has been and continue to be about substance and results. The fraternity has conducted over 4000 Health Screenings with Healthy Kappas, Healthy Communities; $8.8 million in scholarships were awarded to our youth in Guide Right programs; 25% increase in new or re-established Guide Right programs; 119 Kappa Kampers at Paul Quinn College; 68% increase in youth served through Guide Right; 98.9% Graduation Rate among Kappa Leaguers; launched the inaugural LEAD Kappa Training Program with 26 undergraduate Brothers; and doubled participation in the Undergraduate Leadership Institute to 100. Brothers across Kappa Land are working extremely hard to accomplish all of this. Let’s continue to lead our communities and stay focused on our young men.

We will rise up together my Brothers. Thank you again for answering the call to service.

Yours in the Bond,

Clifford Franklin
Middle Western Province