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Chapters Of The Middle Western Province

There are currently 46 chapters of the Middle Western Province. Not all of the chapters listed are currently active and/or in good standing. In addition, there are three undergraduate chapters whose letters were irrevocably "retired/recalled" from Kappa Alpha Psi and are not listed with our province.

Therefore, there "have been" a total of 49 chapters charterd in the province.

Chartered 01/1/1916
Chartered 03/27/1920
Chartered 04/19/1921
St. Louis Alumni
Chartered 11/5/1921
Chartered 04/25/1922
Oklahoma City Alumni
Chartered 03/31/1923
Kansas City Alumni
Chartered 04/14/1925
Topeka Alumni
Chartered 04/14/1925
Wichita Alumni
Chartered 09/09/1929
Alpha Eta
Chartered 05/23/1931
Tulsa Alumni
Chartered 10/28/1933
Alpha Pi
Chartered 05/16/1936
Alpha Psi
Chartered 05/29/1939
Beta Theta
Chartered 05/18/1940
Jefferson City Alumni
Chartered 03/22/1941
Pittsburg Alumni
Chartered 02/07/1942
Beta Nu
Chartered 03/15/1946
Muskogee Alumni
Chartered 03/17/1947
Beta Psi
Chartered 11/22/1950
Omaha Alumni
Chartered 02/20/1954
Denver Alumni
Chartered 06/13/1956
Wewoka Alumni
Chartered 09/06/1958
Delta Upsilon
Chartered 03/18/1961
Delta Omega
Chartered 02/23/1963
Epsilon Gamma
Chartered 03/23/1963
Lawton/Fort Sill Alumni
Chartered 05/18/1963
Epsilon Eta
Chartered 04/03/1971
Zeta Theta
Chartered 02/26/1972
Zeta Rho
Chartered 04/13/1973
Langston Alumni
Chartered 04/14/1973
Zeta Omega
Chartered 05/05/1974
Eta Kappa
Chartered 09/21/1974
Colorado Springs Alumni
Chartered 11/01/1974
Eta Omicron
Chartered 01/15/1976
Norman Alumni
Chartered 04/08/1979
Iota Tau
Chartered 02/23/1980
Iota Omega
Chartered 09/20/1981
Columbia Alumni
Chartered 11/17/1984
Mu Alpha
Chartered 02/09/1985
Mu Epsilon
Chartered 03/23/1985
Mu Eta
Chartered 10/10/1987
Nu Epsilon
Chartered 05/20/1989
Lincoln Alumni
Chartered 12/14/1996
Fayetteville Alumni
Chartered 05/15/1999
Omicron Zeta
Chartered 12/05/2002
Omicron Pi
Chartered 03/23/2003
Independence Alumni

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